The team at Venture Seafoods focus on three locally sourced, premium quality shellfish. With our commitment to supply quality shellfish it means you’re unlikely to find better seafood anywhere else.


Our Holderness Coast Crab


Cancer Pagurus

The Venture Seafoods team process our award winning Holderness coast crab all year round, supplying high quality live and cooked whole crab, crab claws, dressed crab and crab meats fresh and frozen. Each product is graded and packed to meet the unique specifications of each customer. By handpicking the white and brown crab meat we are able to maintain the delicious taste and rich texture that our customers can expect time and time again.

Crab is an excellent addition to most diets, being low in fat and calories, but high in protein and nutrients. Crab is rich in copper, zinc, selenium and vitamin B2. It is a good source of protein and magnesium and also contains high levels of omega 3.


Our Lobster

Lobster_4 copy.jpg

Homarus Gammarus

The European lobster is a highly esteemed food, valued for its delicate taste and firm, sweet and succulent meat. We understand that there is nothing better than the 'wow' factor that comes from serving a luxurious and decadent lobster. We’re dedicated to supplying the finest live and cooked fresh or frozen lobster the Northern seas have to offer.

Lobster is a decadent meat perfect for a low calorie diet. It’s rich in iodine, selenium, vitamin B12 and copper. It is also a great source of protein, vitamin E and omega 3.




Buccinum Undatum

Whelks are an underutilized species, loved for their fresh and nutty taste, that are beginning to make their culinary comeback in the UK. Our whelks are gathered in the cold waters off the Holderness coast in the early months of the year. Not only do we supply washed and cooked whelks but we also sell whelk meat fresh or frozen.

Whelks are a great protein source and contain plenty of zinc plus vitamins B6, B12.