Here at Venture Seafoods we handle substantial quantities of shellfish that are landed, processed and delivered with the best care in optimum time so you’ll always get the best out of our products. 


We have gained a reputation for high quality fresh and frozen seafood that we are extremely proud of. With our expert and passionate team, combined with a modern state of the art processing and production facility, we are able to maintain our high standards and efficient service.

Careful Fishing

With our roots anchored in the local fishing community we recognise the importance of responsible fishing and the preservation of the natural resources that are on our doorstep. There is documented evidence of shellfish harvesting on a commercial basis in the Bridlington and Flamborough areas since the late 19th century. The team at Venture Seafoods work closely with fisheries managers and all of their supply chain at a local, national and European level. We not only follow an ethical practice when it comes to gathering our produce but we actively promote responsible fishing within the trade.


Fishing technique

The shellfish that we purchase are caught using baited pots, also known as traps. Fishing with pots is considered to be a selective and sustainable fishing method for many different reasons. The crabs, lobsters and whelks only enter the pots when they are attracted to the bait. Any shellfish that does not meet the fishermans quality standard, the regional legal minimum size or shows signs of carrying eggs is released back into the sea unharmed. Fishing with pots has very little effect on the seabed or other organisms living in the area.